Spotlight Etsy Artist: Sargent Illustration Posters and Prints

Sargent Illustration CouponFeatured Artist: Charlotte Sargent of Sargent Illustration
Creator of Artwork for the curious and free – spirited

If you have been following my blog, you most likely have seen this week’s featured artist and her work before. I am such a big fan of Charlotte Sargent’s cool prints and posters that they keep popping up in many of the Etsy treasuries that I create (like this one, and this one, and this one).  I am also really excited about the fact that Charlotte is working on a new line of shirts and other clothing with her awesome artwork on it.  (I’ve seen photos of some of the prototypes and I can’t wait for the new items to be added to her shop! )

There are so many great things in Charlotte’s shop that I am hard pressed to pick just one piece to share with you but if I had to pick a favorite, it’s definitely this one with an adorable kitten graphic and a quote from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Shakespeare Quote Poster by Sargent IllutrationTo be fair, I am not exactly impartial. Not only does the quote come from one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, but Charlotte designed it based on a story I told her about a cat named Jaci.

Baby Jaci and her sister, Rose, at lunch time

Believe it or not, this picture of baby Jaci and her sister was taken after the babies had been with us for a while and had grown a bit!

Jaci came into my life when my sister, who volunteers with some local animal rescue groups, was asked to go recover some newborn kittens that were found in a shed that was being torn down. My sister discovered Jaci and her siblings among the wreckage of the already demolished shed, coated in debris and breathing in toxic dust. There were three litters of varying ages but none old enough to be away from their mothers. And since the mama cats had been chased off by the construction, these babies were going to need hands-on, around the clock care if they were going to survive. My sister stepped up and agreed to foster them until they could find “forever homes.”

It was an intense time. The kittens were fighting an uphill battle to survive due to being so young, the environmental factors they were exposed to on the construction site, and other health issues. Some didn’t make it (which was just heartbreaking). Little Jaci was one of the sicker kittens and it was so touch and go with her for such a long time that she didn’t grow and develop as fast as her siblings did. But she never let that stop her. She was determined to keep up and if the other kittens were running and jumping and climbing, she just tried to run, jump, and climb that much harder. I was so impressed by her sheer determination and refusal to slow down or give up that I declared that her motto had to be “Though she be but little, she is FIERCE!”

Miss Jaci All Grown UpWhen all is said and done, Jaci’s fierceness paid off. She not only survived but thrived and I am so happy to report that she is healthy and happy and all grown up now.  She was adopted by my aunt and uncle and now lives with her new brothers: Camber and MicMac and sister, Faith (who was also a rescue cat) in a home full of love and everything a cat could want (including a backyard full of bird feeders to watch through the window for entertainment!)

She is sleek and beautiful and still has plenty of the same fierce attitude that won my heart when she was a kitten. Now instead of struggling to hold her own during playtime, Jaci makes the other kitties in the household work to keep up with her!

Charlotte loved this story so much that she immortalized it in her Shakespeare Quote poster and in honor of little Jaci, she is donating all the proceeds from this piece to her local animal shelter.

I definitely recommend checking out Charlotte’s Etsy shop, Sargent Illustration, and following her on Facebook or Twitter so you can get the latest news about all the awesome new pieces Charlotte is adding to her shop!

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5 Responses to Spotlight Etsy Artist: Sargent Illustration Posters and Prints

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  2. searchnrescue2 says:

    I recently found and now LOVE Charlotte’s Etsy shop, Sargent Illustration. Fabulous prints and can’t wait to see the clothing line! Great feature xo

  3. bethcoleb says:

    I LOVE all your new clothes too!

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