Must – Haves for the Book Lover’s Dorm Room

Around the country, college students are packing up to head back to school and while the internet is full of blog posts and articles about what to bring with you when you head off to college, I thought I would take this opportunity to put together a list specifically for the college bound book lovers, bibliophiles, and English majors.

If my own college experience is anything to go on, right now there are college freshmen trying to make the agonizing choice of which books to bring with them and which ones to leave at home, not realizing that the joy of getting those cartons of can’t-live-without books up three flights of stairs to their room is still ahead of them. But once you get everything unloaded, getting settled into your new dorm room and putting your personality into the place can be a lot of fun.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

Hemingway Print by Obvious State

Hemingway Print by Obvious State

#1. Posters and Prints: Make your new space your own with photos, posters, and prints like this Ernest Hemingway inspired print by Obvious State. (Actually almost anything in the Obvious State Etsy shop is to die for. I am currently crushing pretty hard on this Prufrock print myself!)

Other great options include: Bookish Posters at the Literary Gift Company, Spineless Classic Posters, Poster Text PostersLithographs, and these Redbox Designs prints

LOTR Map Pillow by ThisShopReallyRocks on Etsy

LOTR Map Pillow by ThisShopReallyRocks on Etsy

#2. Pillows and Beanbag Chairs: If your dorm is anything like the ones I lived in, seating will be scarce. Other than your bed, a dresser, and possibly a desk and chair, there isn’t a ton of room for extra furniture which means that you are going to have to get  creative about getting comfortable, especially when you have friends hanging out in your room. Bean bag chairs and big comfy pillows, like this Lord of the Rings Map Pillow from the This Shop Really Rocks on Etsy, give you lots of options without taking up a lot of room and makes the person who ends up sitting on the floor a LOT more comfortable. They are also great for when friends from back home come to visit you for the weekend or for propping up your books and notebook when doing late night studying on your bed.

(You may also want to check out these awesome Game of Thrones pillows – also by This Shop Really Rocks – for occasional reminders that finals and term paper due dates… I mean winter is coming).

#3. Coffee Mugs: Let’s face it, between late night studying, last-minute term papers, and classes that start ridiculously early in the morning, you and your caffeinated beverage of choice are going to be spending a lot of time together, so you are going to need some great coffee mugs.

I am particularly loving these:

Literary Coffee Mugs (From left to right: Protagonist Coffee Mug by Java Drive , Reading is My Super Power Mug by Lenny Mud , and Alice in Wonderland Coffee Mug by More Than Porcelain)

But there’s also The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild’s Shakespearean Insult Mug  and Banned Book Mug, which are both pretty awesome!

Oscar Wilde Flask by Drinking Buddy

Oscar Wilde Flask by Drinking Buddy

#4. Literary Libations: Of course, for those of you in the 21 and older crowd who are looking  for a beverage with more of a kick than coffee, nothing comes any cooler than this awesome Oscar Wilde Flask by Drinking Buddy, but these Literary Shot Glasses, and this Dorothy Parker Martini Glass come pretty close!

#5. Odds and Ends:  Hollow books make great places to stash all sorts of stuff. I use mine to hold paperclips and school supplies but you can fill yours with loose change, your dining hall meal card, jewelry, accessories, or whatever you want.

And not only can you hang notes, reminders, and take out menus on your message board or mini-fridge with these great Scrabble Tile Menus but you can use them to spell out weird messages to your roommate.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to put together an awesomely bookish dorm room and that you have a wonderful year at school.

Don’t forget to stop by my Etsy shop, Ciarrai Studios Literary Jewelry to shop my Back to School sale! You can save 15% on handmade jewelry inspired by your favorite books and poetry with the coupon code: BACKTOSCHOOL

I will be posting another Bookish Back to School post on Monday, this time about great book – inspired clothing and accessories, so be sure to stop by and check that out.

And for more great dorm room  ideas for book lovers, check out this Etsy treasury:

‘Bookish Back to School Essentials for Book Lovers and English Majors’

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