Poem – A – Day: Blue Butterfly Day by Robert Frost

Welcome to April and National Poetry Month!

This time yesterday morning, it was snowing hard. Big fluffy snowflakes as big as my thumb were fulling the sky and erasing any hint of color outside my window. But today is the snow is already melting and the grass is asserting itself with patches of green and brown replacing the stark white.  This is the type of snow that daffodils and crocuses poke through, the kind that melts quickly into rushing rivulets of water as the sun beams overhead.  And I am choosing to focus less on yesterday’s winter – y weather as today’s almost overnight transformation into the quintessential early Spring day.

All of this inspired me to choose the lovely Robert Frost poem, Blue Butterfly Day, as today’s Poem of the Day.  Read it here.

It’s funny. Robert Frost, as a poet, has always had a winter-y connotation to me. It’s not just his name, although I am sure that contributes a bit to the feeling, but also the fact that two of his best known poems: Birches and Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening have such a strong association with Winter. Even his best known poem, The Road Not Taken, takes place in the Autumn (or so I assume from the golden color of the woods) when the weather is starting to cool.  But when I went looking for Springtime poems, Blue Butterfly Day caught my attention like nothing else did.

What I love about this poem is that Robert Frost focuses on the early Spring when the flowers haven’t had a chance to bloom yet but the color of Spring is still there in the form of blue butterflies playing in the early April breezes.

Blue Butterfly Day Pendant

Blue Butterfly Day Pendant

The same thing is happening outside my window today. I haven’t seen any actual butterflies but the sky is the same vibrant color blue as the butterflies in the poem – such a change from the sullen grey we had yesterday – and both herald the start to a sunnier, happier season.  I tried to capture that feeling in my new Blue Butterfly Day pendant, which I made as a little poetic tribute to a long-awaited Spring.


(The Blue Butterfly Day Pendant is available here in my Etsy shop. I am currently having a big sale in honor of National Poetry Month so you can take 35% off your order when you use the coupon code: POETRY14)

Check back here tomorrow for another Poem of the Day! You can also check out all of last year’s Poems of the Day posts here.


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2 Responses to Poem – A – Day: Blue Butterfly Day by Robert Frost

  1. ChrisTea says:

    The reason you associate Mr. Frost with winter is because he’s from Chicago – the land of never-ending winter. 🙂

    • Ciarrai says:

      Actually, I think he lived in New England, specifically New Hampshire, for most of his life but that helps with the winter association too!

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